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I don’t appreciate your door to door salesmen coming to my home repeatedly after I am not interested. They are not wearing masks, gloves, they touch door bells and such without disinfecting them. Asking to come into home with any PPE on. This isn’t the time to be selling services door to door. You should be calling people to set up appointments or have your employees ATLEAST wear PPE when visiting several homes I a row and going inside the home without PPE as well then going to the next one right after. If fast food employees and people going into stores need to wear masks I don’t understand why people who are going into homes don’t need too. Should be more important or do the sale from the door without going into the home.
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I agree with this 10000%.


Rogers has their techs wearing proper PPE including masks and gloves. Why isn't Telus doing this?. 


Also why doesn't Telus suspend their Door to Door sales?. I had 1 guy from Telus and bell come and none of them had PPE either. This is ridiculous to be honest. Even if they don't wear gloves ( since gloves doesn't really do much) a mask or some sort of protection is best for them. 


My experience with Telus' door to door salespeople over the past few years is extremely negative.  They are far too pushy and don't take no for an answer.  They fail to take into account why someone might not want to get their slow DSL and Optik TV service when it could not even support one TV.  Telus fails to do anything about these people, it has been going on for years.  Another obnoxious thing Telus does is send addressed mail to "Resident" and then the address, which bypasses the no flyers signs.  Pretty disappointing really.


I prefer to have Telus stop the practice of door to door sales altogether. They ask for personal information and a credit card number if you sign up. There is no way to verify the people at the door are legitimate. The general public has no idea what a valid Telus ID looks like. It's an easy setup for scammers to take advantage of seniors and other vulnerable people.


Overall Telus is a very security conscience company. It puzzles me that they continue this practice.


@xray You're right, they should not have door to door salespeople.  I forgot to mention that they knocked even when there was a "no soliciting" sign.  They have obnoxious people who don't snow any respect.  They should also not send mail addressed to "resident" or "occupant" and then the address.  The ones manning the mall displays, I assume are the same contractor, which are fairly nasty too.  They repeatedly ask for your address. Even when I tell them I KNOW that it is not in my neighbourhood yet.  The last time I ran into that was years ago, and they still are not digging there.  Telus are not the company they once were  They've gone downhill a lot.  Their services are still pretty good.  But then if you move and someone touches something, you can't count on them to set it up right.


Since the door to door encyclopedia salesmen and life insurance salesmen no longer come to my door, I do welcome seeing the Telus people. The majority of them are nice and friendly.


This is not Chernobyl. I don't need people approaching my door in a hazmat suit.  


@starchoice There's always "one" who finds them polite, in the ocean of others who have found them to be obnoxious, disrespectful, persistent, and unrealistic of the offerings.


When I have a "no soliciting" sign on the door, I expect people to respect that.  When I have a "no flyers" sign on the mailbox, I expect companies not to get around it by writing "resident" and the address.


I am glad that the one nice and friendly Telus door to door rep came to your place. But in the past several years, absolutely 100% of the ones who came to my place have been as I have described.  And it seems others have the same experience.


Telus needs to up their game.

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@Hhhhhhhh Thanks for letting us know. Our door to door salesman should be following the strict guidelines and recommendations from TELUS medical advisory council while door knocking to ensure the safety of customers, and team members. 


Our safety guidelines includes (but not limited to):

- Wearing PPE
- Maintaining social distancing with customers
- Providing contactless transaction


As this is a case of existing business practice not being followed, we'll be treating it as a feedback, instead of a new idea. And will be bringing this to the attention of our door to door team as opportunity for improvements going forward. Thanks again. 


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@psl You make no mention of ignoring "no soliciting signs.  No mention of getting around "no junk mail" signs by sending admail addressed to "the resident" with the address. No mention of the solicitors not taking no for an answer.  No mention of solicitors in malls not taking no for an answer and acting as if none of us are capable of looking up for ourselves and seeing there isn't any service.


These things were all mentioned in the thread.  Aren't you going to get these things addressed too? 

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Community Manager

@BillTelusCust We do have a Do Not Knock list, that we can add you to, and this would prevent future visits, as our door to door team will avoid any address listed. If you can please send us your address, or account number to socialmediasupport@telus.com, we'll be able to process that for you. 


Door to door sales team are expected to respect no soliciting signs as standard business practice. If they didn't, it would be considered opportunity for individual coaching, similar to other instances mention with regards to experience in the mall, and/or other representatives not taking no for an answer. If you can provide time/date and name of the representative you interacted with, also to the email above, we'll be happy to take them away as well. 


At the moment, there are no option to opt out of marketing materials address to resident. We'll pass along the sentiment, and if it does became available, we'll let you know. 


Once your email is sent, please either send me a PM, or mention me in this thread, and we'll make sure to pick it up from the inbox. 


"At the moment, there are no option to opt out of marketing materials address to resident. We'll pass along the sentiment, and if it does became available, we'll let you know. "  Then why does it stop when the person subscribes to the internet?  There is a list, there is a method.


Telus needs to reform their mail and direct marketing.  It is unacceptable.


Telus guy knocking at the door. Seriously...door to door sales in a pandemic. Wow. My son answered and the guy wanted to come in and talk. I was out back...my son calls out to me that someone is at the front door. I go around the side of the house and see Telus guy and say we already have Telus and not interested in anything else and definitely not in person!! He wouldn’t leave...so I did...then he stood in the middle of my lawn and started yelling deals out...told him to leave now and get off the property...then he stood on the road where he could see me along the side of my house and started yelling from the road. Wtf?? I have Telus now and my contract is up in December...after this display...leaving Telus!! 


Hello @Notdiggintelus  


Next time take a video of you asking them to get off your property and if they they do not or they go to the street / side walk yelling the deals out you can immediately contact the police and have them come by.. These guys are from a third party company on behalf of Telus so they get away with many things unfortunately. I was reading on another forum which someone had to contact the police as a Bell Rep did the same too..


Hello @psl 


Its that illegal though? I am sure th CRTC and government have issues carriers to have customers OPT OUT of that. Please correct me if i am wrong..


Also if it hasn't been out in place, why not?. You're customers should always come first and should have this option. Seems to me Telus is not properly doing their job here.