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I know this goes against everything that TELUS is about but as a concerned parent this is an amazing APP that you need to add. Turning off the wifi to devices in your house should not be viewed as evil but as a necessary component to everyday living. 

Or develop some kind of similar app in you lab, 

Brian Pshyk

Community Power User
Community Power User

Scheduling when a particular device can access the internet is already available as a feature of the Telus gateway, so if your priority is just to cut off wi-fi access by your kids at a particular time of day, have a look in the advanced settings under Blocking / Filtering.


You can also block specific websites from being accessed as well.


If you want the fine detail of the categories of websites managed by webcurfew, then bridging your gateway to one of the many routers they support is an option for you. Bridging would allow ALL the internet traffic to be managed by webcurfew  on a compatible router.



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Community Manager
Community Manager

@bpshyk NFtoBC is correct, you have the ability to configure these settings on your gateway.

  1. From a web browser, enter in the address bar and press Enter. The Home screen is displayed
  2. To log in, type the following information:
    • Username: admin
    • Password: telus (unless you've changed it)
    • Select Login. The Welcome screen is displayed
  3. Select No, then Apply
  4. The setting are under Advanced Settings, on the left panel called Scheduling Access.