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Status: New Idea

I am aware of the DoNotCall lists that are available.  I am also aware of being able to block phone numbers in various ways with land line phone, cell phone and phone devices.


In email, we can turn on spam and scam filters and report scam and spam emails to various providers.


I would like the same for phone calls.

When I get a Scam or Spam phone call, I would like to be able to report it by entering code after the call or tagging it on my smartphone and also have others report their spam and scam calls.

I would then like to be able to turn on a filter that adds "Possible scam" Possible spam" to the phone number announcement or if confirmed have it just blocked.


1000s of people are being scammed and many are losing money, and identity info, often with high levels of stress as well as individual, businesses and family impacts. 

We need to use the "Wisdom of the Crowd" to help us all to be safer.

I would like these calls followed up and stopped, but first of all, I would like to be warned, and allow others to be warned proactively.

These scams and spam are just getting worse and worse. Both mobility and home Phone service providers need to help to stop these attacks on us. 


Imagine how many 1000s of seniors and other people at risk we could help not to be taken advantage of by scams and spam.
If an area is getting targeted by specific types of calls, they could be tagged and warning provided quickly for others.
This could be thought of like an Amber alert warning. Maybe the word "caution" or "#*#* prior to displaying the phone number.

As this progresses, smartphones could add colour coded warning to the phone number of just block it.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Reporting spam calls won't do much until telecommunucation technology world wide catches up with the pace of change in other tech.  It isn't "an area" that's being targeted, it's all of North America. The scammers can fake the number they call from so reporting one number won't do anything since they could even make it look like it's your number that the calls are coming from. Same thing goes with email. Reporting spam email is fairly useless as they are typically not sent from the address that are displayed in the messages.


Until the technology catches up, Telus does have a free solution for landlines that works extremely well. I haven't had a single scam call since I enabled it. See: If that existed for Mobility, I'd have it there also. If you do also, please upvote the existing idea for it at:

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Had scammers claiming to be with Telus call our health center yesterday to say they had a 30% discount for us for being loyal customers. They asked for our address and were correcting their records. When they transferred me to their supervisor and I questioned their legitimacy they hung up.