Outbound Caller Id is Needed


Please consider implementing outbound caller id so that when I call someone my name is displayed allow with my mobile number. There are some people who will not answer a call if the name information is missing. Rogers and Fido have had "outbound" name Id since they first implemented incoming name display. When I was a Rogers customer several years ago they had a link on their website that allowed people to customize the way the name is displayed. I used to have it set as my nick name.


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Status: Under Review
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Neighbourhood Alum

@Dogger596 We've received similar idea in the past and will add your vote to it. Once we know more, we will let you know! 

Status changed to: Under Review
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After 18 years being with Rogers for my business, we switched to TELUS and am shocked how simple features are not available and TELUS claims to be the greatest. 2 that I'm aware of so far:


Call display name on outgoing calls

Who called (text message received when missed call due to no signal or phone off)


2 features that Rogers has had for many years are not available with TELUS. Time to wake up guys or you'll be losing my business account as well as many others after the contract is up.

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Just wanted to re-iterate what's been said and voice my support for implementing this feature.

All other things considered I'd really like to go with TELUS for my business phone.


TELUS offers:
- Better rate
- Frankly nicer customer service
- Already Internet customer. Nice to have bills under one roof
- Larger presence in BC

However, without this feature, the decision becomes quite difficult and inevitably I may have to choose Rogers.


@psl How about an update on the status of this? I'm tired of people calling me "Alberta" when I call them.


Telus...  It has been over a year since I originally posted my question. How about providing us with an "answer"?


I support this. I'm having the same issues with people not recognising my number and not answering my calls. I a world where we are bombarded with spam calls and spoofed number, this will be a great feature to have.

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I'm a new Telus mobile customer who came from Rogers and I'm surprised Telus doesn't have this feature.  Please implement!! 


Any updates on this feature?


@psl - Is there a timeline for this to be implemented?

This has been open for 2+ years.

Some businesses think my phone number is a spam because it doesn't "come with a name"

Rogers has had this for years.

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+1. An employer I work with uses over 100 Telus phones, and outbound caller ID is starting to become a major issue. No word from Telus on how to solve this.

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+1 to this too. It's a major issue when calling anyone that does not already have you in their address book. As someone that is on a month-to-month agreement, this is major leverage from Rogers to pull me back into their network if they can match the service price.

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Telus, Listen to your loyal customers,  Please getvon this matter asap!!