Optik on the Go smaller sign-in

CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Can I request the Optik on the Go sign-in screen be made smaller on the Android app?

  • The current screen is too large to display on the Blackberry Q10.
  • The "First time logging in?" covers the bottom half of the screen and obscures the "Sign-in" button.
  • Ideally the Sign-in button should be moved up higher too.


I recently got the Blackberry Passport and got Optik working on it.  However I then realized the log in screen is too big to work on my Q10.

Status: Closed
Status changed to: Closed

Hi @XL


We checked in with our apps team and won't be able to optimize our Android app so it can be viewed on a Blackberry. There isn't enough demand for this functionality. All of our Android apps are optimized for the operating system they're designed for.


Please do keep on submitting your awesome ideas!



CPU Alum
CPU Alum

fyi.... Blackberry 10.3.1 has a screen resize feature to get around the problem.  I'm using it tonight.