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Hello, the 'Optik the Go' app is pretty good, except it lacks a key piece of functionality for utilizing the app on a computer.  I have two monitors and would love to watch TV on demand or Live TV on one monitor and work on the other.  This functionality is available with the Silverlight add-in that the App uses on internet explorer, except its not enabled in the app.  We should be able to watch Optik on the go in full screen mode on one monitor, and use other applications on another monitor.  This just seems to be an oversight in the Optik on the go programming, and a simple option to set this would fix the issue. 


Let us watch TV and work at the same time..... so many other applications do.  


Thanks in advance!!

CPU Alum
CPU Alum

While you are waiting for an answer.... I'd like to share a suggestion that I've been doing to my home office...


I got myself a 4K monitor.  With a 4K monitor, I have a wireless Optik box connected one of the HDMI ports.  The 4K monitor has the resolution of four 1080 displays.  I run Optik on PIP (Picture in Picture) on one quarter of the screen.  This frees up three 1080 quarters for working!


Not only do I get more Optik content, I also have full access to my PVR content!

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Community Manager
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Also trying to watch Optik TV fullscreen on one monitor and work on the other. Whenever I click back to my work monitor, it exits full screen mode.... It didn't do this before.

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Come on Telus this original post was over a year ago and you still have not fixed this issue of your live stream tv minimizing when moving the mouse to the 2nd monitor. This problem does not exist when viewing youtube or other videos, just when live streaming Optik tv.


Looking forward to a solution.

Community Power User
Community Power User

@vernon1  Optik on the good needs a major overhaul. Something in its current form relying on silverlight won’t happen. If/when they redesign and modernize it for today’s browsers no features/fixes will be added to its current incarnation.


The app definitely needs a little polish and updating. Whether or not it’s capable to continue to build on is another story.