Optik Tv (Crave TV) Interface


The Current Interface you have for crave TV shows is absolutely horrible.


You Make us click like 6 menus just to get to the show we are currently watching.


There is an option which asks us to play the next episode of the show we are watching which is great, But after a couple minutes this option times out and makes us go back to the main menu!


This problem also happens every time we turn off the box. I turn it back on and it takes WAAAAY too long to navigate back to the menu to pick my show I was watching! 




There needs to be a netflix style button that just lets us continue the series we were watching without navigating every menu again every time!!


Please fix this ASAP as it is actively encouraging me to avoid using your optik menus, and encouring me to use netflix (seperate TV app) and your other competitors....


This is 2018 and we need to binge efficiently and effectively!


I hope you will address this issue immediately!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Anderson1 Thanks for the idea. We forwarded this to our Pik TV team, and take your idea into consideration. If you need assistance with anything else, please visit the Pik TV section in our forum 🙂 - https://forum.telus.com/t5/Pik-TV/bd-p/PikTV

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Hey Anderson, 


I hope all is well. Can you provide any screenshots of what you mean when you say you are forced to navigate past 6 menus just to get to the show you are currently watching?