Optik TV Information Area

Within the past week (today is Monday February 11, 2019), a change to the Optik TV software upgrade was initiated on my set top box.

One detriment of this upgrade is that the information area provided for any TV program seems to have been reduced by one full line. This is evidenced by an ellipsis (...) in the information area of the program and leaves the viewer with an incomplete description. This was not the case in the previous software version.

I've noticed that the information area could take advantage of an extra blank line just above it.

I'm hoping that this email will encourage your developers to make repairs to this version of software, to bring it back to what was previously a better version.
Status: New Idea



Hey Gadjet, thank you for sharing your input. I think I know what you are talking about. I've attached what I see: Snapshot_20190531_113609.jpg

Are you saying more program information is better though? Sometimes I wonder, wouldn't that make the screen "too busy"?