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Status: New Idea

The Optik TV Channel Guide document is the resource to enable customers to find out where they can view their channel. It's great, if I buy channel packages by category. I buy them by theme pack. 


Example: I have 2 theme packs, 5 channels in each. To find their channel numbers, I go to the Guide, and then guess what category you decided they belong in. Most of mine are under "Learning". DTour is not. I find it under your "Comedy & Music" category.  Space is not, it's in your "Entertainment" category.


From my POV, it can be hard to guess what category you put something in when I don't know what programming is on it, and I don't know because I can't view it due to not having the channel number!!!!!!.......That's a problem. 


Solution: Easy. Fix it by putting the channel number back in the pop-up description attached to each channel right there under our theme pack. Worked like a charm before.