Optik Channel 9002


I'm in Edmonton and this channel is annoying. I use the Grid guide style and this channel cannot be removed on either of my Optik boxes. If I go into the customize guide and attempt to uncheck it it simply goes to the next channel in the list and leaves it checked. It shows up in the guide as 'getting information' but never updates. Once a long time ago it used to go to Optik On Demand but that no longer is the case. If you attempt to watch this channel it displays a black screen.


Please either remove this channel or add the Optik On Demand function back to this channel as it's just annoying filler right now.


Status: New Idea

Can you provide a screenshot of what you mean? 


Here you go. If you attempt to watch 9002 you get a black screen that displays text that says "Change channels to view other programming".


IMG_1185 (800x600).jpg


Note that 9002 is 'greyed out' and when I attempt to uncheck it the selection moves to the next channel and the check remains.


IMG_1186 (800x600).jpg


PS this happens on both my PVR and remote box. 


@FuzzyLogic Thank you kindly for sharing. I was curious so I just tested it. When I select 9002 I get the following phrase next to the row-number: "No info available". I wonder, perhaps there is nothing to watch because this isn't a channel? Like you, I also get the film-camera icon (white and in front of a green circle) next to the number 9002 - what does that icon mean?