Open common incoming ports on residential internet


Curious if there have been any changes on the policy regarding blocked incoming ports on residential internet plans.  My area recently had fiber installed but I have not switched because devices like my NAS and home automation systems rely on connecting back on common ports 80 and 443.  

While Telus is cheaper and faster then my current Shaw service, Shaw does allow all incoming ports so for now I'm stuck with them.  I saw a previous post about there no being enough customer demand, but I think by now most people just know to avoid Telus if they require such services. 

Was hoping this was still being considered as an option for customers.   

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Community Power User

No and there never will be. Of course if you want to purchase an overpriced business line then it will work.


I wouldn't say "never will be", but Telus does seem to put things of this nature off until they absolutely have to offer it. This is unfortunate and will eventually have to change, given how quickly consumer demand evolves these days. Company's shouldn't forget the story of Blockbuster Video... Resisting new demands and creating a culture that hates change can quickly kill a business.

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Hi @mrhector,


Thanks for your suggestion. We don't currently have plans to move forward with this idea. There is potential for this to be available with future fibre packages but it is not on any roadmap at this time.

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Like I said... Case in point.