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Self explanatory.

Freedom Mobile, a small carrier, enables people to get an eSIM or swap it for free on their website without needing to visit a physical store.

Why did TELUS choose the most complicated option from the customer perspective? Does TELUS not understand that eSIM is supposed to simplify our lives, not make it more complicated?

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I really have to second this post. I know that it's an old one, but it's still relevant. Telus' implementation of the eSim process is awkward, expensive, and dysfunctional. Having to buy a $20 piece of plastic - that is only single use - for a sim that you should be able to scan off your computer screen while logged into MyTelus however many times you like to configure it one whatever phone you please, is just not great,


Telus, please implement a similar system to Freedom Mobile's as mentioned by the original poster. I ported over from Freedom, but this is the kind of thing that makes me think I should go back. If I replace my phone for any reason whatsoever, it's ridiculous that I have to go to a store to buy a new eSim that I should just as easily be able to scan from my very secure login with Telus and scan straight into my phone however many times necessary. Please consider changing this $20-per-try policy.

It's this ludicrous policy regarding eSim's that has kept me with my physical sim card. I have two phones, that I like to swap my sim between, and right now, eSim's from TELUS would cost me $20 each time I want to switch my line from one phone to the other. Not to even bring up all the plastic waste this creates. For a company, like Telus, who loves to promote how environmentally progressive they are, having to mail out single use plastic cards, have the customer burn gasoline to visit a store, etc are the exact opposite of being a green, environmental steward. eSim's were created to make things more convenient, not to create even more hoops to jump through like we have with them now. Physical Sim cards are WAY more convenient still. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for the feedback, we will forward this to our teams for process review! 

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Thanks @Amyj!! Very much appreciated!