Not slashing the bandwidth in half, THEN charging for overages


Not slashing the bandwidth in half, THEN charging for overages.  That might be a less shady business practice.  What do you think?

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I don't think Telus is being "shady" at all. They haven't cut bandwidth for home internet service, those who abuse Internet with illegal downloads are most likely the ones who will be paying for overages...


Fact is, they still have the highest caps in Canada. Shaw will soon follow suit and enforce their caps, just like they announced in 2012 (alongside telus, bell, rogers, cogeco, etc, etc etc)

I think a better idea would be to have one or the other; charge for speed or bandwidth, not both. 


@Dark_Knight you might want to check your facts again, Tekksavvy and lightspeed both offer cheaper and faster solutions with no caps. 


Well when you factor in modem cost ($150), dry loop fees ($6.9-26.84/mth recurring) and activation fee ($75) it isn't much cheaper from Tekksavvy.

@Tekksavvy - Let's say you get the $54.99 Unlimited plan (25Mbps) and you live in BC Band G area ($26.84), you will end up paying $81.83+tax each month.

@TELUS, with their unlimited add-on on the 25Mbps plan, you will pay $98/month. They also include the modem and wifi extender for free. If you can stay within your 250gb limit however (like 75% of their customer based), you will only pay $63/mth. That seems like a way better deal to me @dacimvrl 😛