Not a new idea, but an existing one thats great!

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After 15 years, I will be leaving Telus and going with a more competitive package with another cell provider.  However, I thank you - for taking care of my Telus account while I was on tour in Afghanistan.

I hope that Telus continues this great idea!


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If it happens to start with an R, you'll see soon enough why they suck... If any other provider there may be a little hope..

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If its WIND, I hope you enjoy roaming and **bleep**ty service.


As a former Rogers customer who travels all over Canada and the US regularly.  A big part of why I left Rogers after 15+ years was the terrible service, lack of any sort of loyalty discounts that were competitive with any new customer promotions, and their customer care was horrible to deal with.  

I live in Toronto and the service in and around my apartment was horrible!  There were portions of the downtown I had service issues with multiple different devices.  Even with a degraded service monthly credit for over 6 years, I never saw any effort from Rogers on improving the coverage.  I have 4 bars of LTE in my apartment and 5 bars of HDSPA when not on LTE.  In areas I used to have no service on Rogers, I get solid service on Telus.