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Status: Closed

The new voicemail skipped messages is not working for me.  When you used to skip a message, the message notification beeping or blinking would stop and you could access your skipped message at a later time before the cue of saved messages.  With the new system, when you skip a message it is still beeping/blinking.  For me, the point of skipping a message is to hear it later when it is convenient for me.  Sometimes I skip a message in the morning for my husband to hear 10 hours later when he comes home.  Then I go out and drop off my kids somewhere and come home and hear the beeping, thinking that it is a new message, but it is just the skipped one.  And then I go and pick up my kids and come home and there is still beeping......hmmm, is it a new message or still the skipped one.  And this can happen many times in the day.  If I save the message then I have to go through the cue of saved message (of which I have six right now) to get to the message he wants when all I wanted to do is 'skip' the message and have it easy to access.  I'm sure the new system is better for some people who want those reminders.  Is there a way to make it work for everyone?  Otherwise, it starts to make it seem like having an answering machine would not only be cheaper, but smarter, too. 


@anru  it sounds like you're having some trouble with your service. We'll be happy to troubleshoot this for you. Please visit and one of our agents will be happy to assist. 

Our Idea portal is for submissions that will improve products and services for everyone. Because this is an isolated issue with your service and not something that everyone experiences, we're going to close this down as an Idea. 

Have a great day! 

Status changed to: Closed