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The Optik TV Netflix app is a great idea however it seems to suffer from serious lag. I can open up my Apple TV and start watching Netflix before the app is even open on the PVR. The interface is slow and does not always refresh the whole page properly. I understand that it's there as a convenience but so far it's not very convenient and I will stick with my Apple TV in the near future.

My other idea is how about making the Netflix data usage through the PVR free? You want people to move to Telus? ..  I would sign up 🙂

Community Power User
Community Power User

You're comparing apples to oranges. One is a dedicated box that really does nothing(Apple tv) the other is using a lot more resources and a layered interface (optik TV) to present the app. Hence it being slower and not as fluid.

As for free data on the netflix app. It will never happen, no provider in Canada does this. Unless you have an unlimited data plan already. They're about making money, not making you happy.

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Community Manager