NCAA College Football Package

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Hi Telus, I think you would garner a lot of interest in offering the NCAA college football package. It's similar to the NFL SUNDAY TICKET. I know some satellite companies offer this. Please look into this and offer it for the upcoming season! Thank you 

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I would also buy this package.

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As a proud alumni of USC it's extremely hard to follow my school every Saturday. I see tsn shows the crappy mid major satuday morning 9am games but none of the pac12. Please get a package going so I can watch my school again and not pray every Saturday that my teams on abc

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Dear Telus,  How does this community board work?  I see that there is interest in getting an NCAA college football package established for purchase similar to what DirectTV has available for their customers.  What say you?  Merci. 

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Telus may be limited by the CRTC who determine what is available to viewers in Canada.  Streaming might be your best bet, if not on the list.

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I would definitely be interested.
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Shaw has the Big 10 network available, and Bell has a college football package, why not Telus? I really want to go with Telus because of their reputation, but I need some college football! Getting the SEC network would be also be nice!