Mobile Christmas Fireplace

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At Christmas could you make the Optik TV fireplace a GIF or short clip so we can enjoy it on our phones as well? Asking for Santa.
Status: Closed
Community Power User
Community Power User

Why not use YouTube for that?

Community Power User
Community Power User

I see something....

  1. click On Demand button
  2. Nav up to TV On Demand
  3. scroll to down to Optik Local
  4. Navigate right to "Fire Log"

Digging deeper, I see...

  • firelog
  • Holiday Fire Log
  • Modern Fireplace (my fav)
  • Okanagon Campfire
TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi there, @NoelHC


I put the suggestion forward to our resident GIF-maker, @Dimo-X to think about for 2018.


In the meantime, YouTube is a good alternative. Our colleagues at TELUS Quebec posted this hour-long video of the Optik Fire Log and STORYHIVE created this TELUS firelog video straight out of Wetaskiwan, Alberta.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee
Status changed to: Closed

Hey @NoelHC !

Here's a little GIF I put together for your amusement! @Scoto & I are still working on those fire making skills! lol
We'll look into your neat idea of a looping fire place GIF though! Smiley Happy Firecut-frame-drop.gif 


I think @NoelHC went on to other Fireplace providers! Robot wink But in case anyone would like a bite sized GIF of our ever-so-popular fireplace! Here you go! Robot LOL