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Status: Under Review

Would like to have the option for Mediaset for the Italian channels on optic TV . The last post for this channel was several years ago from someone in Calgary, which stated that with a city of this size and a huge Italian community, it would be a benefit to have the option of having Mediaset, not to mention the city of Vancouver with its big Italian population. I am from a smaller city in BC with a large Italian community , who would also see a benefit for Telus and the customer by offering this option. I would like to see that this option for Mediaset be addressed for optic TV, as BELL DOES offer this channel in their Italian channels.   

Just Moved In

Yes I agree. It was disappointing signing up for Optik Tv and not having this as an option. 

Just Moved In

It would be great if Telus could add Mediaset to the other Italian channels they have on OpticTV. My elderly parents that have been Telus customers for many, many years are now being forced to switch over from satellite to optic and by doing this they will lose Mediaset which along with Rai are the channels they enjoy watching.  Looking into this matter BellTV does include these channels in their package.  If Telus does not add Mediaset to Optic before the switch is made BellTV will have new customers. Not sure why Telus can have this channel on satellite and not on optic. 

Status changed to: Under Review
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