While travelling on holidays this summer we stayed in several hotels that offered Shaw TV. We found MeTV and really enjoyed it. Upon returning home we were disappointed to learn that TELUS Optik does not offer MeTV. Is it possible for this to be added to the TELUS Optik line up?
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There is a long existing discussion already about MeTV. Please post there.


Short answer is the CRTC hasn't approved MeTV for rebroadcast outside of the existing area it's available in central and southern BC. A fair amount of the content on MeTV is also available on other channels as well. 

Example: CRTC's page on MeTV for Kelowna. The problem is that it still calls the channel KVOS as MeTV which is incorrect as MeTV was switched to KFFV, a sister channel to KVOS. The only association MeTV has left with KVOS is a secondary OTA channel, broadcast in 480i resolution.