Make your rates better than your competitors by a statistical margin


You're gouging us. You are gouging your customers to pad an insanely inflated profit margin and you're pissing everyone off. I shouldn't be paying $70/month for a phone plan. You post ridiculous arguments over the radio about how you are 'competitive' and how your rates are 'equivalent' to the states. You post insulting, degrading bull**bleep** about how life is better with you. I have been with you since I got my first cell phone years ago. I was happy with your plans, happy with your phone selections, but then some **bleep**-wit management team figured they could rape Canadians.


This company has lost me as customer. You have me **bleep**ing stuck for three more years, and if **bleep** doesn't improve *drastically* I'm gone. In case you're missing the point, your mobility plans are laughably **bleep**ty and have nothing even remotely attractive for me to buy and your internet and tv options are insanely over-priced. No one in Canada believes that it costs you anything more than 1 cent to move a gigabyte of data.


Basic economics dictates that decreased cost to consumer drives up consumer demand. Figure out how to be competitve and fair to your customers or I'm out. 


And **bleep** your auto-selecting topic labels. Forcing people to register to contribute is **bleep**ing idiotic, and then forcing them to select a title of YOUR choosing is censorship in the worst way.


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@johndoe1988 not much of an idea here....


Moving a gigabyte of data might not cost much, but moving hundreds of millions of gigabytes of data week after week, month after month, does indeed cost a lot of money. 


As mentioned in other threads, we have some of the best, most reliable cellular networks in the world, not to mention the second fastest, bested only by Norway.


If you don't care about coverage area, reliability or speed, go to a company like WIND. Otherwise, you pay a premium for a premium carrier. 


You're right, when we talk about hundreds of millions of gigabytes, cost is relatively high. But you can't say that they are moving that much because you don't have access to data telling what Telus is moving. You also don't have access to what Telus is charging all of it's customers (not just the average, but the median), or how many customers they have subscribed. You also don't have access to their costs to maintain or upgrade their networks (detailed, project by project notes, not just investor call notes) so your hypothetical straw-man coverage, reliabilty, quality argument is null and void and does nothing to address my concerns or frustration.


The reality of the situation is Telus is gouging. I have indicated that Telus has the opportunity to do like they did in the past and to provide a fair priced service or that I will leave at the most fiscally opportune moment (which does mean cancelling my account, cancellation fees be damned). The reality of the situation is people sign up, and leave, based on their friends, colleagues, and associates recommendation. Everyone I know has frequently asked for opinions on networks/companies for mobility and being one of the more tech savvy guys who can break things down for people, they listen to me. Telus won't notice if me, or all my friends leave their company. But if Telus doesn't get it's act together and perform like a community minded responsible corporation (while still making nice dividends and profits, which I'm sure they will not have a problem with), I'm out.


Comcast, in the States, had a similar situation. Gouging and general douche-like behaviour. Comcast throttled, over-charged, underperformed and had frequent service blackouts. Google Fiber shows up and instantly, without the opportunity for any upgrades (as in, I mean *same day* instantly), Comcast offered to re-do service charges, matched Google Fiber's speed, and had no more throttling or blackouts. Telus is behaving in similar fashion.


With your own logic, you don't have the data to say they are gouging. It's what you feel, but not necessarily fact.


You also can't compare the costs residential service to cellular service. The costs of the latter are inherently higher.


I go back to 'you get what you pay for'. If you are that upset about the price, go to a company like WIND.

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