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As you can see in less than 1 minute I apTo parently used 10% of data, with no apps open. I use wifi 90% of the time and despite paying for a data plan, each month I have overages, the past two months in excess of $100. 

How is it possible for cable companies to offer unlimited wifi, plus cable and a phone service for a combined total of $100 yet I am paying $50 for my data plan, an additional $15.00 for a "top up" and in excess of $80 in overage charges. This is on top of my monthly rate for the telephone itself. 

Telus has a responsibility to make data affordable for its users. There is currently NO Unlimited Data Option for Ontario. 


I want to know how I can get unlimited data with cable companies yet the only option you have is $350 monthly and isn't unlimited. 


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Community Power User

If 24 MB is 10% of your data, then you have a fairly small data plan, and lots of options to purchase a plan with a greater data allotment. No Canadian cellular company is offering truly unlimited data. The closest is Wind, and they throttle the speed after a certain volume used. 


Given that even the carriers in the USA no longer offer unlimited data, it is extremely unlikely it will be offered here.


Put your data needs question to the Neighbourhood, along with a description of your current plan, and usage habits, and I'm sure some good suggestions will arise. 


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CPU Alum

@stottvanessa:  To clarify...

  • what do you feel is "affordable" each month?
  • what do you feel should be the price for premium LTE service?

unlimited data by the competition is much slower 2G and with very poor spotty coverage.

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