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17years for me as a client

Id like to see a rewards or discount program..5/10/15 year service


I'd be happy with a points program that could be redeemed for device credits or charitable donations of our choosing.


Lots of enticements for new subscribers, but what do they offer us to stay with them ?  Have had all services with Telus for many years...need a "Thank You' gift now & then !


That is an issue with all carriers around the world.  Their metrics are too basic to factor keeping customers beyond their initial contract.  They take their current subscriber numbers and focus on trying to lure over new customers.  If Telus or any carrier for that matter would put half the effort they put in to attracting new customers, the subscriber numbers should steadily grow.  

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Bruins77!

17 years is a long time and we're always looking for ideas on how we can better reward your loyalty!

We've forwarded this idea to our team for evaluation. We'll keep you posted!

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yes excellent deals and incentives for new customers , but little or nothing for long term, loyal customers.

I have telus everything , phone, TV , Internet, 3 cell phones etc and have to almost plead for some loyality benefits every year!

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over a year later and nothing has changed..

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I have been a Telus customer for 40 years. The best I have ever done is get a bit of a rate cut on some of my services, and that takes a lot of talking and time. I am sure I have paid for at least one TV, over all these years, but instead you give them to people that will be with you for a two year contract, and then go someplace else. That's gratitude. NOT.


Currently the way to get the best deal is to switch (or threaten to switch) from Telus to Shaw and back every year.  That is the opposite of loyalty!


It would be nice to be offered something like a 0.5% discount for every consecutive year of service.  So after 40 years like ABaker, you receive 20% off your bill.  Or pay full price and get free calling features/upgraded internet speed/additional TV channels.