Low income support

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let’s talk about low income what do you think give it though

I am here to help and hope one day there will be low income program for me and other to access

You can make plans for low income support build a platform that will work can setup a automation where some customers don't get suspended or cut off Because we usually don’t get paid for the 26 27 of each moth setup a lolity program Thats only work for dissabilty people so we get 1 on 1 support sometime eatch dissabilty is a lot dirfrent then others

Boundaries and rules in place for this type of account providing support paperwork to show we are on that dissabilty income

The ability to make cut in the price as some or all low income a 170 plan is a lot so if we go a break would save us

Telus would be highly looked at for helping

Maybe a way to bring more people into TELUS is special oplymic Calgary host a add that you are helping people like us as for eatch person family members account holder over the age of 18 you will give x amount to special oplymic to help support the cost of the program and be able to bring more kids mean more customers to TELUS thank you
Status: New Idea