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The length of clips recorded with Telus Home Security needs to be longer the other day a car pulled in and sat for a bit just as the door opened the clip stopped the next clip the car was gone needs to be longer or at least let consumer accounts get the SVR that business can get
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We have had two car windows smashed this year in the street front area. One was caught by smart cameras and the footage was not long enough or thorough enough. The other was not even caught.


Svr should come standard. Ring and nest both offer these services on their product lines. It's just silly.

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Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

@Aduffy01 Thanks for the ideas. Yes, this was an opportunity identified by our smart home security team last year, and are in the planning phase of a new solution. As the opportunity was already identified, we won't be tracking the idea, please stay tuned to our Smart Home Security forum for the latest!

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@psl  Any news on this?   It looks as though if you are a Telus ADT customer ( ) the SVR is available. Why is this not an option for Telus SHS customers ?





I would really like some more information on this. When I launched the web interface to manage my security system there was a new tab under video to the right of live video it said svr timeline when I clicked on it a message popped up that said I could add an svr to my account with a link that said click here to add stream video recorder svr to your account. Is it possible it's just about to launch for residential accounts?

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Why hasn't this been updated?

I'm tuned in the forum and nothing about SVR systems for residential customers.