Long Distance - Dial 1 prefix

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I am writing with regards to a suggestion for improvement to your telephone services.


I make frequent phone calls to local and long-distance numbers for business through my medical clinic, as well as through our hospital telephone line. Is often not possible to know ahead of time which phone numbers are long-distance, or local. If the phone number is dialed incorrectly, with or without a “1” preceding the area code, then one would be transferred to an automated recording stating that I need to add a “1” to the number, or not. Then I would have to hang up, and redial the entire number again.


You can imagine how often this scenario plays out on a day-to-day basis for all of your customers.


While I appreciate the notification, and I understand that long-distance charges may have implications for some of the other customers, I am wondering if you would be able to implement a feature where one would not be required to redial the entire number. Perhaps you can add a feature where if you pressed one, the call would be put through anyways after listening to the long distance recorded message.

Status: New Idea