Limit how many shows can record at once


Would love ability to limit how many shows can record at one time, grandma lives with us and has a hard time understanding how it works. she doesn't use record but sometimes hits button by mistake and doesn't know how to fix if too much is recording and wants to watch. Would be great to set a number of recordings to 1,2 or 3. If its over limit it moves to different time or doesn't record.

Status: Closed

Hi @iamstillvince ,

Thanks for the idea. We've reviewed the suggestion and at this time we don't have enough appetite for this type of functionality on Optik TV and we have a few other features and functionalities we would like to focus on for 2015.  We'll put this idea on hold for now, but please do feel free to continue submitting your awesome ideas in the future!  - Amber

Status changed to: Closed