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Status: Under Review

Just recently got a boost Wi-Fi starter pack. Works way better then the T3200M and it's quite cheap as well. (I got it for $5 a month for 24 months). Overall I am very satisfied, however for whatever reason there is no option to make a guest Wi-Fi network in the app or web GUI. In fact the system as a whole only lets you have 1 SSID and does not let you split up 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. Now I don't think that's a big issue as I'm sure most people would rather just have one Wi-Fi network, but for guests there are legitimate reasons to do so. I prefer to keep my network secure by not giving out the password to anyone and I also don't like guests having access to my LAN devices and potentially being able to mess with them. 


Of course, you can still use the T3200M to make a secondary guest Wi-Fi network but that would require enabling wireless functionality on the T3200M. I have been keeping wireless off since getting the boost as I feel giving the modem less work can only help to get a better connection. Also the guests would have unusable signal in some parts of my house as the boosts cover it much better.


Why did the TELUS team choose not to have this functionality built in the boost? Will it be coming in a future firmware update? What other features are potentially coming?

Status changed to: Under Review
Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

@AppleTVlife Thanks for the idea. Boost Wi-Fi is a relatively new product for us, and we are listening to ideas like yours to make it better. We have submitted this idea internally, and will keep you posted with any updates 🙂 

Just Moved In

I think it is really a must to add a guest network on your Telus WiFi app and/or to allow the access to the Boost WiFi control panel where we should have all the regular stuff like Port forwarding, DMZ etc. But for starters, the  guest network on WiFi would do. I need one for my work and the other for family stuff. Thanks!

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Any update on this? Guest WIFI network will greatly improve the security of my home network as i won't have to share my WIFI password with all my kids friends. Also, it's a feature offered by pretty much everybody else. Since TELUS advertises so much on home security and home automation, i think this is more than a must.

Just Moved In

Recently we bought Telus Boost wifi and upgraded to Internet 150. During the initial setup of Boost wifi we couldn’t get a wireless signal faster than 40mbps with the T3200 still running wifi for guest network use defeating the point of upgrading my internet because the T3200 radio was creating too much interference 


My solution:


1. Set T3200 to bridge mode

2. Turn off T3200 wifi radio

2. Wire Airport Extreme to T3200 to act as router

3. Wire Boost wifi into Airport Extreme 


This allowed a separate guest wifi network and wireless signals now roughly 110-120mbps on Boost for our home users.


A better solution, however, would still be to allow guest networks with Boost. 


Friendly Neighbour

After seeing this post, I as a user in the year 2020 really believe that Telus should let us disable SmartSteering or at least let users manually steer some mac addresses to some frequencies. 


Also there still aint no Guest wifi options yet. Very disappointed.