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i would be more than willing to subscribe to Optik Tv but the channel we watch the most per week is Knowledge network from B.C. We have it on our current Shaw direct. The channel is Canadian, a close neighbour and we enjoy the content. Given how many  American channels you offer, and my disinclination to watch anything from that nation at the moment, I would really like to see Telus negotiate with Knowledge. I'm sure there must be others who like Knowledge too and would choose Optik if it was on the available list.



Community Power User
Community Power User

Knowledge Network is part of the Essentials package in BC on Channel 117


If you are outside of BC, Knowledge Network’s is a provincial broadcaster who’s content agreements only allows them to offer the channel in BC. Shaw Direct is a national satellite service, otherwise they would not have been allowed to broadcast the channel outside of BC. Under CRTC rules, Telus currently cannot offer Knowledge outside of BC until Knowledge Network changes their content agreements to allow them wider distribution.

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Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

@crhj Thanks for the idea. Hope the comment from @Nighthawk had helped provided context. Changing status to close as we cannot further action on this idea. If you additional comments about this idea, please add it here, or start a new thread for a different idea 🙂