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I've been looking for a kids GPS watch but have found it difficult to find one available in Canada. It would be great if Telus could offer access to devices such as these:



Thanks for listening.

CPU Alum
CPU Alum

I needed a similar device for wandering seniors.  The main thing to consider to on any device is  battery life and how often it takes to recharge devices.  Another factor is monthly charges if there is any.


If the child has a favourite backpack.... you might want to slip this device into it.  I found it handy dropping it into a senior's purse.  Battery life was typically three to four weeks with me on rechargeable Eneloops.  At $100 a year (30 cents a day?).  I find it a bargain.

BTW... there's a 50% off rebate if you get it before Labour Day.


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Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum
Just Moved In

I came across this topic in search of smart watches for children. Could you tell what a clever watch has a good rating in 2018?

Just Moved In

I came across this today and would like to include SafeTracks™ TRiLOC™ GPS watch for individuals at-risk of wandering and falls including those living with Alzheimer and Autism. The TRiLOC™ is the most advanced GPS wearable on today's market. SafeTracks™ head office is located in Alberta, Canada. The TRiLOC™ is available throughout North America and is completely independent of landlines, cellphones and modems. Here are some of the features:

- Full GPS

- 2G / 3G / HSPA+ Cellular

- True Fall Detection

- Lockable Clasp with Tamper Proof Strap

- 2 - Way Hands Free Voice

- Up to the Minute Emergency Updates

- Multiple Geo-Fencing

- Notifications via email and/or text message


I would be happy to answer any questions!