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Hello there Just wanted to make a comment after visiting your site and going through a page internet data allowance over usage mentioning after Mar 30, customers will be charged for over usage and stressing on the point " you pay for what you use ", and that would be a very bad intention and completely unfair to every customers. There is no problem for us to pay for what we use but Telus stressed on a point such that all the unused potion will be reset at the end of the month, that means we cannot use for what we have paid. It is ridiculous to ask the customer to

download some rubbish to use up all the unused potion before the month ends. However to make this fair to both parties, I would suggest there are only a few options. 

Option 1. we pay for any over use but what we haven't used Telus should carry forward to the next month, so on and so forth or Telus is going to refund the unused portion of data. 

Option 2, Telus calculates the total actual usage at the year end, if the customer has a plan for 100GB usage per month and at the year end, the total ACTUAL usage goes to 1300GB, then Telus charges for the extra 100GB usage, if the total usage is 1100GB, Telus carry forward the unused 100G to next year, so on and so forth or refund the unused portion. 

Option 3, leaving everything as in the past such that customers sometimes overuse and sometimes underuse , some customers constantly overuse and some customers constantly underuse and as seen from an ISP, the average is equalized, no overuse charge will be introduced. I would say apart from the above 3 options, there can't be another fair terms to both parties.

Another most important point to consider is customers actually cannot see the real time usage figure after logging in the account, let's assume at the last hour of the last day of the service month, the customer just finished downloading something and overused 100KB of data that small, and Telus will provide the customer the first bucket of 50G extra data charging $5 but after one hour, Telus will reset the usage allowance since it is the start of next service month, therefore the customer just paid $5 more for nothing and it would be rather ridiculous for this to happen. And

secondly since there is no real time usage figure to be seen by customer, everything is just a guess and if Telus really charges the customer for an extra $5 for an overuse of only 100KB of data that tiny , then it is totally unfair to the customer.

There must be a fair rule to both parties, hope the management officer who is responsible for introducing this change will consider all that carefully and exercise the charges in a fair way and not only benefiting Telus.

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Grammar aside, the idea is exactly on point. We pay for what we use, but we should also get what we pay for.


I agree. either rebate us for what we dont use, or carry it over to the next month.

This should go the same with Mobility

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Thank you for raising this issue!

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Agreed. Either carry my unused data forward to the next month or refund me for unused bandwidth!

I have had it happen that I go over on the last day but when I check my account it told me updated in the last 48 hours.


If you can't provide realtime usage then do the Customer experience friendly thing and roll over my unused data please.




Totally agree! We pay for what what we use but if we get the extra bytes just before it reverts back to zero then what did we pay for?

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I've I'm subscribed to an Internet connection at some Mbps per month then I should be able to use that Internet connection as much as I want.  For 50Mbps we pay $80/mo - that should be the end of that discussion.

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