Integration with Android TV TIF


With the introduction of Android TV came the TIF (TV Input Framework). This framework allows tv providers to add TV input services and display all TV content, as well as guide info, etc., from within Android TV ( see: ).

This service may should have no compatibility issues with Mediaroom, is secure, and would work on both root and non-root devices (for example on usage with media room, see:

The API should allow for quick deployment with an eased development process, is open sourced (both Android and iWedia's Android4TV framework extension), and could open many new opportunities for Telus to expand and enhance content delivery. It could even be integrated directly into a "Telus" TV, for example (i.e. for new customer promo, etc.), but would work on any Android TV device (possibly regular Android devices as well) for any current Telus subscriber.

This is a huge opportunity for Telus, with low risk due its low cost of implementation and 'future proof' nature.

Status: New Idea

For some reason editing isn't working, but I wanted to add a link for info on iWedia and its open sourced Android4TV framework. They also provide free emulators to aid TV Providers with development.


I really wish someone would look into this. This would give the user interface/guide a makeover at the same time. Plus, it would save a complicated processes of switching back and forth between inputs all the time.


So, now this is put into play with Pik TV. Should this be marked as completed, or in progress?