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Telus installers enter private homes. As such, I think respect for the private residences should be a customer service priority. Most public spaces are now scent-free, with good cause-- chemical perfumes can cause intense negative reactions for many. For me, severe headache and nausea. I am experiencing both right now because the installer is wearing so much perfume that he has saturated my entire house with it. 
Please consider a policy that requires staff entering homes to be scent-free.

I will have this headache until I can get the smell out (as the installer has been here 2 hours and hasn't left yet, it's going to be some time.) I haven't eaten because I will throw up if I do. This is always the case. Anywhere else I can move away from the scent; this installer is in my home. I am stuck here because he is here and his perfume is causing me enormous physical trouble.
Please. Scent-free is really a must.

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You should make Telus aware of your condition so a installer will be "scent free" when you arranged your install, if you get that sick from it.

I can assure you that installers are supposed to be scent free for that reason grrr! You should get a survey for that installer in a couple days and fill it out accordingly. You can also chat or call in and let us know about the issue. So sorry to hear about that 😞

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@MatchlessOrinda Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We do have a scent-free policy, and apologize greatly. 

If you would like us to provide feedback to that installer, please reach out to our social media team on Facebook or Twitter

Just Moved In

I have IEI (Idiopathic Environmental Intolerances) which means scent can cause a severe reaction in me of being unable to breath, headaches, numbness and eventually passing out.  The last 2 installers that came into my home both had scents on them, either laundry detergent or very strong cologne/deoderant or some other personal care product.  I had to sit in a room with the door closed and my window open when it was -4 outside just to survive and then open all the windows after he left.  It's not just people with IEI that are affected by scents and the chemicals in them (and yes, there can be over 300 different chemicals in 1 scent) but people with asthma, COPD and other respiratory illnesses.

If Telus has a scent-free policy for their installers they need to enforce it.