Increase Call Control list length


I really appreciate having the Call Control function for my home phone.


I have read that there is a limit of 25 numbers for each of "accepted" and "blocked" call lists.


When you go past that limit and attempt to add another number, you will get the error "Looks like our system is down at the moment.  Please try again later."


Although it might seem that the last request to add another number (the 26th) did not go through, it has in fact displaced one of your other number on that list.


There is a drop down feature at the bottom of each list that allows the user to show from 10 to 100 rows of data.  This deceptively suggests that up to 100 rows, therefore 100 entries, could be in the list.


I have two suggestions to enhance this feature:

1) Increase the total list to 100.

2) Tell the user that when you attempt to add more than 100 numbers to the list, that the list is full.  And do not replace one of the other numbers in the list.


I understand that to go from 25 entries per list (50 in total) that it takes more memory.


Is there a way to allocate the memory dynamically, rather than to assign it permanently and therefore take up a set amount?


Thanks for your consideration on this matter.

Status: New Idea