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Just Moved In
Status: New Idea

I am moving house. I am currently an internet customer and walked in to your retail store in Park Royal to ask about my options. 

I told the guy serving, who was very nice, how do I do this? He gave me 3 different options, all of which, sounds very confusing. But then proceed to tell me only 1 option is viable. Why didn't he just tell me that 1st option to begin with?

Anyway, moving on. I told him I'm an internet customer, but that all I watch is sports. "How much would it cost for me to add a TV plan to watch sport?"

Guy pulls out a blank sheet of paper, draws a 6x10 grid and pulls out his iphone calculator and starts filling in the grids with various numbers.... stuffs up and tries again. Eventually he gets to a number, but it's not a number I want... He goes about how the total cost over 2 years was over $2.5k and that I'm 'saving' a few hundred bucks because of the fact that I get a discount for the first 12 months. He then starts telling me about bundles and how I can get more channels by going the route of different packs, and build your own bundles.

After around 15 minutes of this, I left, no better than when I came in.


1. Train your staff to only tell the customer the right answer, don't tell the customer 3 different possible answers - that is confusing. I would have gladly waited for _one_ answer, if the guy didn't know it, to ask somebody, rather than have 3 different answers that I don't know is right.

2. Your pricing matrix sucks. I went home and tried to look at home the TV system works right now. It's insane. Again all I want is sports. Why dont you let me have just sports? I get it that people are still signing up for the basic package and then adding on the sport package. And that equals more revenue for you. You don't want to give that up. But you are giving up revenue from people like me. What am I going to do now? I'm going to sign up for Rogers Gamecentre for hockey, and look for solutions for NFL... So you get $0 from me...

Your solutions should be like this:

1. Pre-built Plans: Get a free digital box, get bundle pricing discounts with internet, pay monthly for a full range of tv channels. $45/month no hassle. $60/month for sports HD, or $60/month for Movies HD, or $60/month for Premium News...$85/month 'ultimate plan'. In the end, similar to what you have today but get rid of the additional complication of having 'add-ons'. Do the work for your customers! The plan grid should be 4 columns only! Make it cheaper in the first year as you already do.

2. Build your own: Pay a service fee - $10/month - pay installation fee if required, pay for digital box, no bundle pricing with $4.95 per channel per month. You can cancel the chosen channels anytime, but the monthly service fee is a 1 year contract. Obviously fix the numbers so that it's actually cheaper to get option 1 if you want more than 5-6 channels, but make it worthwhile for people who ONLY want to watch sports, or ONLY want CNN...