How the Neighbourhood helped bring FXX Canada to Optik TV!

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It's been over a year now since FX was drained of its quality programming which had it given to the new station FXX to give it some initial clout.  It's time that Telus had FXX Canada added to its HD programming to go along with the regular FX Canada (ch 413).

I hope that there is some momentum out there for this to happen, let us all know.  Thanks

Status: New Idea
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Rogers owns that channel and won't let the competition carry it. Complain to the CRTC, but that;s beating a dead horse.

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Why is this false information continually posted, bell  carries it!

I went back to bell until telus carries it, its my favorite channel by far, all the hit programming is basically on fxx now. Also carried by cogeco and sasktel...Dont spread false information and pass the buck from telus.