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Please give me the option of not having to startup in the homescreen. Waiting for that app to load drives me crazy when all I want to do is change the channel. Thank you.
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As with many of the other "features" we unfortunately don't have a choice. The new home screen really messes up my Harmony automated routine for turning on the TV. The time it takes to load is highly variable so adding the commands to dismiss the home screen is hit and miss.


Another feature I want to turn off is the program status bar that pops up when you select a channel. It's so annoying when I'm using the Prev button to switch back and forth between channels. I know what I selected, I don't need the status bar blocking 1/4 of the screen and adding zero value to my viewing experience. This is especially annoying for sporting events when I flip back and forth to get the score and the status bar is blocking it.

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1. Homescreen makes us scroll and scroll to find what's wanted.

2. The "Auto-play most recent recordings" doesn't factor in multiple unwatched recordings. I just reutrned from a month vacation. I want to watch recordings in chronological order, usually by catching up on all episides of one show.

3. The look is cluttered and unoriginal (a Netflix knockoff)

4. Launching the Homescreen from the remote took several attempts. It won't open from channel 1, recordings. Had to go to a live tv channel, mute it (did not care to listen while I worked with the setup), then four presses before Homescreen sloooooowly launched. Which is required or you can't get to the Option that disables it. Sadly, not permanently.

5. The Homescreen offers a website page for feedback, but that doesn't exist. Closest is a link to Neighbourhood; so here I am, leaving non-directed feedback not to a dedicated Telus site, but just one more of umpteen postings, hoping Telus will take note. I dislike forums as they tend to offer a feeling of being heard but without oroviding any real connection or two-way communication with the sponsoring company.

6. And since I've just spent an hour on this, I'm going to point out that the feedback webpage listed on the introduction Homescreen reroutes to an overview. "Your Home Screen gives you a quicker way..."  This is grammatically incorrect. Use "faster" not "quicker." Telus should know better. By either word, the claim doesn't hold up.

7. The overall marketing is exhausting. Not just from Telus. The huge push to belong and belong and belong, forced to be part of the Neighbourhood, join, join, join -- is misplaced and overused. I just want to watch a bit of television. The social media aspects aren't for my benefit, it's for the corp. 

8. If Telus really wanted to improve our viewing experience, they would focus on delivering actual improvements - like goving us space to store and manage our search history. I hate having to retype show names to see if the new season is available yet. Bell satellite stored the info. An option to search for current and upcoming episodes by selecting the search from a recorded episode would be terrific. Minimising the onscreen pause display would be nice - its position covers subtitling.


Alas, changes are almost always chunky and cosmetic. Hopefully Telus reads and acts on viewer feedback. Meanwhile, Home screen is now disabled. Perhaps the next "upgrade" will provide non-intrusive, expanded, and helpful features. 

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Ok  so i just chrcked my n9tifications. Apparently I have earned badges for joining (forced!!! so I could leave feedback), a move in badge, and a generosity badge. I'm actually not feeling generous, just annoyed. 


I don't need to waste more time checking useless notifications. Crissakes, we're not children, skip the patronising digital pats on the head.


The option to turn this off is there. I' not sure if it was there originally or put in after.


When the home screen is displayed press the Option button on the remote.  There is a setting to turn it off on start up.



Thanks xray.   Not sure if the option was there originally either.

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The statement Telus makes "Your Home Screen is a feature that gives you quick access to the things you want to watch the moment you turn on your TV." is so false they have no idea what I want to watch, and the home screen is such a pain I am glad I found a way to turn it off

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I hate, hate, HATE the homescreen.    It does not come on right away - I usually beat it to a recorded show before it ever shows up.  And most of the time, if I'm watching a recording, it won't show up.  When it does, it's just really aggravating.    It will suddenly load while I'm already watching something.  Maybe especially when I'm trying to rewind (left arrow) on a recorded show but it could be other times as well.  When it is loaded, it doesn't respond quickly, if at all, if I try to choose one of its options. 

I don't think it's user friendly - I can't figure out what it is doing or how to get it to respond as I want.  If there is a way to turn it off, I want to do that.



@carol123 there is a way to turn it off. Read my previous comment above.

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@Reggie As mentioned by @xray there is the option to turn it off by pressing the option button when home screen is displayed, the setting to turn it off on start up will become available. 


As the option is there, will be marking this idea as closed. Please let me know if you have any questions 🙂 

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