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Could the Telus Management please and seriously include Nigeria as one of the Countries on the list of  countries where Nigerian /Canadians can make calls to without additional charges? I just got a home phone with Telus and I find that it is still cheaper to make calls using a call card than calling from my Telus home phone . 

I know that the Nigerian community here is growing exponentially and there would be more home phone subscribes if the world long distance calls includes Nigeria . 

Please consider this seriously and kindly implement . 

Kind regards . 

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One of the challenges is many African countries charge sizeable per minute fees on inbound international calls. If Nigeria is amongst those, then it would be unlikely Telus can sustain a free calling option.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

@DavidA Did you know we offer a mobility landline with our your choice plans? If you have any of our your choice plans you can add a wireless home phone month to montn (no contract) for $10 a month and add the $10 500 min package which includes Nigeria and if you go over the 500 minutes it's only .10 per minute to Nigeria! Or you can add the $30 per month a on a contract wireless home phone plan. It's a unit that plugs into your wall and has back up battery pack in it in case the power goes out. The plan included in the $10 and $30 before the Long distance add on is unlimited canada wide anytime! The long distanced plan is cheaper for Nigeria calling than the home service .30 per min Smiley Wink 

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TELUS Employee


Here's the link! 

Here's the your choice plans link too!


The link I pasted for the your choice is for smartphones if you are signing a contract. Right now when you add any additional lines as your choice add lines for cell phones you get a $10 a month discount whether it's bring your own device or on a contract Smiley Happy