Have a callback option!!


When wait times exceed one hour, respect your paying customers and have a callback option. Period.

For me, I have a landline...no hands-free...no speakerphone. Unfortunately I've had to call Telus more often than anyone wants to - billing issues, Telus' changes to what I've subscribed to, and sometimes very simple quick questions.

I'm aware of chat, and have had mixed results on that - speaking with a rep is way more time-efficient for both of us. The best communication is voice-to-voice, as the repair techs will tell you.

Also, I'm aware I can call when Telus's call volumes are lower, such as 9 a.m. when I am sleeping due to my work schedule. It does not mitigate the frustration when advised repeatedly to try this or that instead of just getting upfront decent service. 

I don't do apps.

Advice: don't have your automated voice tell us how much Telus values our time. It's really insulting.

Status: New Idea

Other companies have call back options. Please implement this A-SAP Telus.