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Status: Closed

When wait times exceed one hour, respect your paying customers and have a callback option. Period.

For me, I have a speakerphone. Unfortunately I've had to call Telus more often than anyone wants to - billing issues, Telus' changes to what I've subscribed to, and sometimes very simple quick questions.

I'm aware of chat, and have had mixed results on that - speaking with a rep is way more time-efficient for both of us. The best communication is voice-to-voice, as the repair techs will tell you.

Also, I'm aware I can call when Telus's call volumes are lower, such as 9 a.m. when I am sleeping due to my work schedule. It does not mitigate the frustration when advised repeatedly to try this or that instead of just getting upfront decent service. 

I don't do apps.

Advice: don't have your automated voice tell us how much Telus values our time. It's really insulting.


Other companies have call back options. Please implement this A-SAP Telus. 

Status changed to: Closed
Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

@Janann Sorry about the wait time. We do have call back option, however, it is only available when we are able to schedule call back within the same day. Once call back slots are filled, the call back option will be turned off. We are continuing to monitor our wait times, and making necessary improvements to shorten wait times, and introduce more self-serve options. We are doing this on an ongoing basis, this idea won't be tracked. Thanks for taking the time to write to us, and we look forward to other ideas from you in the future 🙂