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Status: Completed

It would be great if I could get my google home to control my optik tv. Considering there is a wifi app on my smart phone, I don’t see why it couldn’t be possible. That would blow shaw’s BlueSky TV away. 

Just Moved In

 I would like to see this happened with the Google home assistance integrated with the Telus Optik TV in the near future 



To add on this, Google Home integration would be great to have on Pik TV.

Status changed to: Under Review
TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

 Thanks for the idea, @SuMMiT and for the support, @Spud387. I've forwarded it to our product team and they'll take a look.

Just Moved In

I echo this sentiment. With Google Home and Amazon Alexa on the market it would be great to be able to command Optik TV with one's voice! I'd much rather do this than with a special remote such as Shaw has. 


For some reason, this is not working for me (I'm in AB), any idea why? How do you become part of the beta program?

ya, i set up new Optik account at a different house and linking my Optik account to google home thu the website.. its not workin!


Status changed to: Completed
Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hey everyone, as we are in beta phase and working towards a full launch, marking this idea as completed. If you are having trouble getting it to work, please follow our guides on things you can do on:

Beta is open to everyone, here are the requirements:

  • TELUS Internet and Optik TV service

    • Not supported at this time: Pik TV, Satellite TV or Business TV

  • Active Optik TV Account or My TELUS Account

  • Supported routers: T3200, T3200 + Boost
  • A Google supported device 

    • Google Home, Google Mini, Google Max, Google Nest HuB