Give an option for no music and/or music choice while on hold

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Just spend 53 minutes on hold yesterday, listening to music I loathed. Why not give an option to either have no music (maybe a beep every minute or 3 to remind that the hold continues), or the option of music choice, maybe even including nature sounds - birdsong and lapping water, for instance. If there are times there *has* to be long waits on hold, it would go a long way to making it a less blood-pressure-raising experience.

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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

YESS please i've been asking for this forever! Apple does this and it is heaven sent! They even let you pick what genre you want!

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Community Manager
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Friendly Neighbour

If I remember correctly, Telus landline call center had the option to chose the type of hold music. This was many, many, many years ago. Well to the Vancouver/Surrey Center.  😊