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The latest update to OptikTV seems to have introduced a "feature" of leaving the STB sending a signal all the time, even when "off".  This is not a feature but rather an extreme annoyance.  Many display devices respond to an active signal and choose between active signals on HDMI etc - and so when I want my Optik box OFF I want it OFF please and thanks.  Furthermore the "feature" of reverting to the green screen (stand by I presume) after what appears to be 4 hours is beyond annoying.  Lately I have been watching the same channel (doesn't matter which channel) for a while and then boing I get a green screen telling me to press OK to watch TV.  Well duh that's what I was doing - watching TV.  I suggest that a much better feature would be to introduce settings for the user to be able to control the box going to sleep, waking up, etc.

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@Scotowhy you just don't revert back the software to the pre-2017 era, since it seems to annoy a lot of people with no real benefit?


If you're worried about people that may like the screensaver, why don't you just an add option like "power off behaviour: power off / screensaver" so whoever wants the standard behaviour gets it?


It is so annoying. Countless times I'm watching a film, fall sleep, the film ends, the PVR "turns off", and I find out in the morning that my TV spent the whole night showing the (pointless) "Press OK to watch TV"  screensaver, instead of turning off (as it used to do with the old  software). What a big waste of energy and TV service life!

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You can call in and get the time out time increased.. Believe 24 hours was the max last time I called in years ago..


Most newer TVs do have auto shutoff even when a screensaver is displayed..

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@jrueger wrote:

You can call in and get the time out time increased (...)

No. This discussion has nothing to do with the time out.


The problem here is that when you press the "off" button in your remote (or the unit times out after you sleep), instead of turning off and stopping the signal going through the HDMI port (which effectively makes the TV time out and turn off itself), the PVR starts a screensaver (the dreaded "green screen").


That changed around 2017. Before that, there was no screensaver, and when you turned off the unit, the PVR would shutdown the his output signal, and TVs shut off shortly.

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That green screen was there long before 2017. It is not a new feature.

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That was not how my PVR behaved  when I signed up for Optik on May 2016


At that time, after the PVR was turned off, either via the remote, by pressing the green button on its front, or when it timed out, the HDMI signal shut off, and the TV shut off shortly thereafter.


At some point in 2017 there was an over-the-air update, and since then the PVR is always streaming on its HDMI output -- either the regular TV streaming when it is "on", or the screensaver when it is "off".


You can see a few people complaining about that around 2017:

Perhaps those people (like me) bought the PVR from somewhere else other than Telus (I bought mine on London Drugs), and it had a stock firmware that got updated a year later? That's a possibility. That doesn't change the fact that it is an annoyance that wastes customer resources, though, and just having an option to restore the old behaviour would be great.

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Any updates on this matter?

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The green screen is beyond annoying.  So much of optik tv is annoying.  Why so much spam on the channel listings?  "Entering the Movies & Series category", "Watch great series and movies with Crave+Movies+HBO", "Browse new movies On Demand", "OWN On Demand" and on and on and on.  Has anyone at telus actually tried to use the set up a favorites list?  Completly un-useable!  Also, why does the remote control need ro be so clicky?  When trying to sleep all you can hear is click, click, click.  The internet is also good one minute, slow the next.  I am almost at the end of my contract with telus  but my Christmas present this year will be to cancel it early (cable, internet, cell ~ paying the $15 per month cancelation fee will be a pleasure just to stop paying telus).  I have also tried to "link" all my services with no success, even calling support, I gave up.  Why do you need to link them yourself?  Should be automatic!  With how much I pay telus a month it's way, way over priced.

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Ok, I'm new to Telus but came here to find out how to stop that **bleep** 'green screen' shut off. Apart from looking like someone threw up on the TV, why oh why does this feature a) exist and b) be made so you can't change it in settings? I've had to call Telus 3 or 4 times since getting the service - usual hold time, around 45 minutes. So.... why can't I EMAIL you to change the 4 hr cut off to whatever the maximum is?


I see people have been complaining about this since at least 2017, so not holding my breath it'll change. 'Customer first' anybody?

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We are very new to TELUS services and Optik TV and are wondering why when we are watching a program it gets interrupted with a green screen that requires us to press the OK button to continue watching our program. This also happens when we are listing to the music channels. Why is this happening and how can we stop it from happening.

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Sadly a power user or not I’m not impressed with your “helpful” responses.


The has been present for many years and longer than 2017 makes this situation even more ridiculous that Telus hasn’t done anything about it. 

“The boxes never turn off so they can remain up to date and so that they "turn on" instantly when you hit the power button on the remote instead of booting up cold which will take some time.”

How in the world does all my televisions, high end receivers, and previous Shaw STB have no problem with not having on demand updates and long boot ups??


“The remote is a simple IR remote. Pressing the power button on it will just shut things off. If the set top box had the physical ability to turn the TV off that would be a different story but with the huge list of TV manufacturers out there and the various cable connections that can be used, it would horribly over-complicate things and likely not work reliably, or not at all.”

Computer monitors and many TVs go into standby or turn off very reliably on there own when the computer they are connected to is shut off or goes into standby. Not overly complicated and extremely reliable even with a huge list of manufacturers. What a simple concept!


Telus is wasting energy on their equipment and customers equipment it’s disgraceful.

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Notice that the issue is not only about the device being "on" all the time, even in a low energy mode. Most modern devices do that, and they all do updates and whatnot, like you pointed out.


The issue is that even when it is "off" it keeps streaming that annoying screensaver, and that prevents the TV from turning off or switching to another input.


It pisses me off everyday that I see that my son fell sleep while watching TV, Telus STB detected the program has finished, turns itself "off", but keeps the **bleep** screensaver streaming down through the HDMI output, making the TV stay on all night.


So... some years later and I take it that the ability for the end user to control this green screen/screen save function will never be implemented my Telus.  I have to say I find it 

a giant pain in the rear.


I get that there is a desire that the box be “instant” on, but what drives me crazy is when I wake up in the middle of the night and the TV is still on... having not timed out when the box stopped playing back.