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I'm a new Telus customer over from Shaw.  I found that because all movies had average ratings showing with Shaw info search in every screen, that this was a great tool for me while searching the Movies daily to see what I might want to PVR!  I prefer to check the movies on that particular day and to do so requires going to the Options section of the Guide 'info' where each movie has info but NO RATING.  I do understand that I can THEN goto PVR and 'search' where I will get the rating - but who wants to do this for every movie I might be interested in PVR'ing for the day.  When  I have time and feel like a stroll thru the PVR movies - that's different.  So - ratings on all movies in the Guide....yes?    thanks!

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Hi there, @keflimama.


Good suggestion putting the ratings right in the guide. I came across another suggestion for something similar so I've tacked this on for extra support and sent it to the team that manages the Optik guide.



Thanks for the input Smiley Happy