Free Wi-Fi at Montreal Alouettes games!

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I know that TELUS is a proud sponsor of the Montreal Alouettes and I commend whomever came up with that tremendous idea of having a free mobile phone charging station at each home game. To expand upon that, why not have free Wifi access from TELUS available during the games as well? Fans can log in and share their live game experience on social media thanks to you!

Many major sporting events offer this now and even if fans had to "pay" by watching a short ad in exchange for access to this service, everyone could benefit greatly. Just something to consider as your relationship with the Alouettes grows stronger.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@CliffyD Thank you for sharing your idea. 

TELUS is a sponsor of the Redblacks, as well as several others, and Wi-Fi has been made available for these games.

For more information please visit: 

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