Esim Support For Primary Line

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After waiting so long for TELUS to support esim, I was advised in store yesterday that it’s only if you want an additional number.

They can’t transfer your primary number to the esim.

This is no use to me whatsoever as I have an overseas physical sim which I want to use in my phone.

This is a tad ridiculous that after so long, they only half support esim!
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You actually can. Just go in store buy an eSIM voucher and activate it yourself online.

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Yep, I had the same issue yesterday.


It turns out, you either have to get a NEW Telus number, or leave your old TELUS number on a physical SIM.  There is no way for TELUS to port your existing number from a physical SIM to an e-Sim.  This basically defeats the usefulness of TELUS's e-Sim.  


So few internal TELUS staff know about this, so it took hours of technical support to discover this.


So, if you travel, another telco in Europe, NA or Asia have to support e-sim and you can get THEIR NUMBER loaded.  Your TELUS number has to be on a physical SIM.


I'd say this is a TELUS half-measure to implement some bold new technology.


If anybody else figured out how to port your TELUS number to an e-sim, please comment.  We'd like to know how.



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I should add that this is on IOS.  Not sure about Android, but given it's a TELUS back-end system, probably the same.  I'd like to hear if anyone has the same issue with Android.


I'm not sure what issue you're experiencing. I got an eSIM voucher from the store, and went online on and switched that eSIM using the normal SIM swap process.


Just want to be sure in december i phone and there were no way to transfer my physical card number on esim,,from what i read it seems possible now..for $20..i'm reading right or i could use my physical slot on my iphone for another sim card. Thanks


Could i buy my esim card on line and swap my physical card number with it..


Before buy the esim card online i want to be sure that i don't add another line but swap the old one..Thanks


I decide to order the esim online


I thought i would get  it right online...but i have to wait 3-5 days..hope i will be able to swap my phone it was said..