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  Are there any plans to implement an equivalent feature to Rogers One Number:




  My specific application: I often travel overseas for months at a time. While there, I typically pick up a local pre-paid cell phone for day-to-day use and leave my Telus phone off to avoid roaming. To keep in touch with Canada, right now I use Skype or Google Voice to periodically call into my Telus voicemail for messages, and to return calls.


  Rogers One Number would let me do this without incurring long-distance Google Voice charges, with the added advantages of outgoing calls having my correct caller ID, and being able to send/receive text messages. If Telus doesn't have an equivalent feature in the works, I will very likely consider switching to Rogers before my next trip.

Status: In progress

Dear @Kcirtap 


Thank you so much for submitting this suggestion. I've submited it to our product team for review and will let you know when I hear back about feasibility.


I look forward to seeing more great suggestions from you!



Status changed to: Under Review

This is a great idea. I'm currently with Rogers and am looking to switch to Telus. As much as I dislike Rogers' service, the Rogers One Number software is a huge added value and is making the decision to switch that much more difficult.

Status changed to: Requires Evaluation
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Status changed to: In progress