Enable VoLTE on your network


VoLTE allows you to place phone calls over LTE with better sound quality. It would be extremely useful during a phone call because of higher call quality and be able to use LTE data during a phone call. The new iPhones have this feature and Verizon has implemented this over their network.

Status: In progress

I believe they are already working on this. I've heard rumours of a launch early next year. 


This has been a feature on all LTE devices since the launch of the network--you can audibly hear the difference when you call another LTE subscriber versus, say, a landline or someone on an inferior network. Smiley Happy


I can't recall what TELUS calls the feature specifically... something like HD voice.


@ste7enm you are thinking of HD Voice which is wideband voice-over HSPA.


The issue that @Verizon elluded to was that with the HD Voice system, your phone's data falls back to HSPA from LTE whenever you make/receive a phone call (slowing down data speed).


VoLTE would allow you to continue using LTE data speeds while making phone calls since the voice service is utilizing the LTE network.


Aha! Thanks for clarifying for me, @Dark_Knight!


I can't say that getting LTE speeds rather than HSPA speeds while I'm on a voice call is a big priority for me, but it never hurts to have the latest and greatest!

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Another solid idea! Thanks for bringing this piece of feedback to our attention. I will take a look at the feasibility and get back to you shortly.





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Just to set the record straight, Verizon announced that they would do VoLTE in 2012, then delayed that in 2014, then this  year (2014) announced that they were going commercial ... but only VoLTE-to-VoLTE calls (presumably both Verizon subscribers on the Verizon network). It's anybody's guess when VoLTE will support calls to the wired phone network, to other cellular operators, or when roaming on other cellular operator networks, or emergency calls, or priority calls. And the only reason the voice quality is higher is because Verizon implemented HD voice only on VoLTE and not on 3G networks (there is no reason not to do so, except marketing). 

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Status changed to: In progress

Any status update? Rogers launched earlier this year and more phones, including iOS, are offering it. 

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@ambert has there been any update on future rollout of VoLTE with Telus?