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Telus needs to offer unlimited calling and text while roaming in Europe.Rogers has this feature for 10 dollars a day.Please telus come out with this.

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telus has got easy roam where u can use your plan across the U.S just like your in Canada I used it while I was in Las Vegas and it worked great. It would be awesome if easy roam got expanded in places like Caribbean Mexico Europe if telus did this would make me a very happy telus customer I think this a great idea to consider especially with Rogers having there roam like home option expanded now to as far as Japan and China it would be great if telus' easy roam  did the same thing  😀😀

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Another vote for China and Hong Kong for expansion!

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I'm organizing a week trip to Costa Rica. The difference between Rogers and Telus is ridiculous. Rogers want $70 for 2Gb of data, Telus want $150 for 25Mb of data......25Mb !?!?!? If you travel outside of North America, make sure you travel with somebody on Rogers and tell your friends that if they need to contact you, contact your travel companion. It's the only viable option for somebody on Telus.


While European Union will eliminate roaming in EU at all we are paying $150 for 25Mb Smiley Sad

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Telus, you need to pull up your socks and expand the Easy Roam to Europe like Rogers did over a year ago.....my term is up in 2 months and I'm seriously looking at moving over....you are way, way to expensive....

toger is $10/day to a max of $100 per month on a share plan....get with the program....

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