Duration graph for Mobile and Home Internet

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When I look at my Mobile and Home Internet usage.  I can see a graph on what I consumed.  Any chance we can get a second graph that also shows days consumed into my plan?


Right now, I have to work the numbers into my head or get a spreadsheet to see if I will be over or under my consumption by the end of the billing period.

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Community Manager

@xl Thanks for sharing your idea.

The online account, as well as the app does show the days remaining in your billing cycle. 

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I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this. (I tried contacting Telus via Chat but Chat doesn't seem to be working today.) My question is why do I get charged for bandwidth I don't use? I have a plan that gives me 1.5 gig but the most I've consumed in a month is 60 meg, which was in October of last year. I'm very frustrated...my internet bill keeps going up and up but I'm paying for bandwidth I don't use. 


Any suggestions or comments would be welcome.

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@coffeedrinker call Telus on your mobile device *611 to see what options they have available for you. Sounds like you don’t even need data at all.

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Hello Westcoaster,

Thanks for your note. Actually I don’t have a cell phone…I’m a pretty basic internet user.

I did manage to get through to Telus on their Chat service, and was offered a $5 discount on my bill. I’m still paying for twice the bandwidth I use but apparently I have the basic internet plan already.