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Telus is currently building out a fibre optic network in Salmon Arm.  I have spoken with technical support about the build and what Telus will be offering in this area and I was shocked and disappointed to hear that the highest bandwidth package available will be 50Mb/10Mb.  I mean, if you're actually going spend millions to build a FTTH network, you might as well do something interesting with it.  Something Interesting and game changing would have been gigabit to the home, like Google is building.


I know that Telus doesn't have the network backbone capacity to offer such a service all the way out to the Internet, so my suggestion is that Telus at least offer uncapped and unmetered local bandwidth between customers attached to the same OLT.  That would at least be something to backup all the hype about how this deployment is going to do so much for our area.  As it stands right now, it's not any better than the existing cable service that has already been here for years.

Status changed to: Under Review

Hi  @Alias ,


Thanks for sharing your idea with us. We are reviewing it and will get back to you when we have updates.


Please keep the great ideas coming!


Take care,


Status changed to: Completed

Dear @Alias 


We're happy to update you that the Salmon Arm FTTH build-out will enable 100M Internet speeds and Optik TV. This build is currently under way and will roll out to neighbourhoods over the next few months.


If you'd like to learn more about the FTTH build in your community, please visit There you'll find status and products, and can also check to see if your address is in the build area.



Register on the website receive more information through the online form or call 310-3427.